Enjoy a gallery of pictures from our One Tree Gathering at Whitlenge in 2013

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Enjoy this gallery of us celebrating summer solstice 2015


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Celebrating and Exploring the Connections between Druidism and the Dharma

16 August 2015

Philip and Stephanie Carr Gomm will be attending the fourth British/UK meeting of the One Tree Gathering again to be held at Whitlenge gardens home of Keith and Fran Southall and the Cornovii grove in beautiful Worcestershire.
We will also have the pleasure of published author of many Interfaith books Mark Townsend, and inspiring speakers and mentors from the Hindu community. In this weekend we will be bringing together members of the Druid community with members of the Dharmic community to share rituals, meditation, stories and teachings maybe even a little song and dance.
The theme will be exploring the commonalities of the ancient wisdom of our two belief systems to be relevant and of use in the twenty-first century. We will be laying on a Vegan buffet, tea coffee etc.
Cost for whole day including food is £20.00
For more details: contact keith on keith.southall@creativelandscapes.co.uk
Bookings: email carolnoo@aol.com

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Turning around and around in a circle. Spiralling towards the centre, we know that we have come to the centre of who we are. We crouch on the earth, we touch her with our hands. We know that we have come to be with her. Finding ourselves we have found our connection with nature.

We sing, we speak poetry, we chant, we make music – finding our hearts we have found the heart of the mystery. Finding the depths we have found the Way to be simple.

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“…..a spiritual tradition should not be treated like a fossil – if it is to be of value it needs to grow and evolve, and adapt to the needs of the people and of a world that is constantly changing.”

Philip Carr-Gomm.

Druid Mysteries

“The journey we begin as we answer the call is long, and filled with all that we have been, and all that we will become.”

Cairistiona Worthington,

Druids – A Beginner’s Guide

“Be glad, my merry friends, and let the warm sunlight heat now heart and limb! Cast off these cold rags! Run naked on the grass, while Tom goes a-hunting!”

Tom Bombadil in J.R.R.Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’