The Cornovii DRUID Grove


What you choose to do in the inner and outer worlds as a result of being a member of the Cornovii Grove, will determine what sort of druid, and person, you are.

Druidry is an earth based spirituality and in common with other Dharmic faiths it has its basis in the natural world. The Cornovii Grove came together originally as a group of people who met at the camps held by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. They liked each other, and wanted to celebrate the seasonal festivals together; that was in 2001. The name Cornovii was suggested to us by Prof. Ronald Hutton of Bristol University as it is the name of the Celtic tribe which inhabited the area we hold our gatherings in, Worcestershire.

The ways of applying Druidic principles to life and events are endless. And can incorporate most types of esoteric study, magic, and fun. It is an individual path, with freedom and choices; an experiential path. Druids do- we do things: music, art. Science, rituals, magic, good works, day jobs, work of all kinds, natural lore, ecological projects, compassion, gratitude.

Penny Billington – The Path of Druidry

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