The Wheel of the Year continues to turn, and we now reach the point in the year once again when light and dark come into balance, with the dark of the winter months on the horizon.


Join us at this beautiful time of the year for a celebration of Alban Elfed, the Autumn Equinox.

We will be celebrating with a ritual in an apple orchard on Sunday 18th September 2016, followed by cider and lunch. The celebration is open to all, so if your fancies have been tickled by the idea of celebrating the seasons, or want to understand more about how some Druid and Hindu traditions celebrate this time of year, or simply want a fun yet meaningful day out… join us!

We will be joined by our friends from the Hindu community who will be giving us an equivalent fruit blessing to mark the occasion and time of year.

Please contact Rob via email (rob@rtanet.com) if you are interested in order to find out more.

It is this final harvest which can take the central theme of the Alban Elfed ceremony – thanking the Earth, in her full abundance as Mother and Giver, for the great harvest, as Autumn begins.


We look forward to sharing this beautiful time of year together!

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Some of the Grove attended the wonderful One Tree Gathering on 20-21 August 2016 at Beaumanor Hall near Leicester. The Gathering is an annual space for exploring what unites Hinduism and Druidry, and is a space in which friendships and a deeper understanding can flourish. Some of the comments on the event:

Absolutely wonderful weekend, many many thanks to all who helped to organise it, and to all those who were such wonderful company.

Thank you everyone for an inspirational and fun filled week-end. See you all next year. X

Much fun was had and new light was shone on the sacred bonds between the traditions.


Chief of OBOD, Phillip Carr-Gomm, talking at the event with Aislinn:


Keith, Aislinn and friends question, listen and share:


Laughter, dance, new discoveries and hugs…


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There was a magical moment where Rajiv gave birth to Keith. Let’s leave that mystery right there!

Giving birth to Keith

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Congratulations to Paul, our newest member of the Druid grade. This brings our total to three Druid Grade members and we are all highly delighted that Paul has fulfilled his promise, recognised early when he first joined the Grove as a very shy but committed Bard.

Transit through the grades and membership of the Grove, together with his own dedication, has wrought a tremendous change in Paul, he is looking relaxed and happy in his own body. He is a credit to druidry and a great asset to our group. Now all we have to do is find another couple of Druids so that we can give him his group initiation.

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Our next meeting will be for Lughnasadh on Sunday 2nd August at our usual venue. This should prove to be a truly special day for not only will we be celebrating the first harvests but also enjoying a second ceremony to handfast two of our Members, John and Anne. Scripts are being devised by our able Scribe Philip who will officiate on the day with the assistance of our Chief and Grove Mother. Details will be circulated nearer the time but start now to select a gorgeous outfit for this very special occasion.

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